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Summer training begins

Summer training has begun! Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the county and Lodi Unified School District worked in conjunction to allow summer sports practices with some modifications.

Some of the guidelines are as follows:

- Groups of no more than 12 (coaches included)

- Coaches wearing masks when working with student-athletes

- Social distancing of 6-feet or more between student-athletes

- Student-athletes must use a Self-Assessment Log and bring it daily to indicate any symptoms of COVID-19

- Students utilize hand sanitizer before and after workouts

- Student-athletes must be cleared by the athletic department prior to participation

Student-athlete clearance is a multi-step process that begins with registering online and includes getting a physical. That process is detailed HERE.

Once student-athletes are cleared for participation, they will be placed in a group and notified of that group's schedule. Student-athletes will need to fill out their Athlete Health Self-Assessment Log at home prior to arriving on campus. Once on campus, student-athletes will check in and show their Athlete Health Self-Assessment Log to their coach.

Student-athletes also need to sign the COVID waiver and bring that to practice on their first day.

For these documents and other information, check out the below resources.

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